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类型:动作  中国香港  1992 

主演:李赛凤 黄光亮 吴家丽 





陆军上校吴家丽带领一群防暴女战士在金三角要抓捕一个叫叶枫的牛比大姐大(贩毒持枪杀人控制无所不为的反派女英雄这时候真在和SOMI带领的一群人做生意遭到出卖)的劲爆故事李赛凤开始莫名其妙跟一个鬼老打架后来又跑出来BULLET大岛有佳丽和她会合去对付叶枫他们去看看RUDEBOY的IMDB评论'Mission of Justice' is an offering from the girls-with-guns genre that probably isn't as memorable as 'Yes, Madam', the 'In The Line Of Duty' saga, or the 'Angel' films(which were made prior to 'MOJ' and also star Moon Lee Choi-fung and Yukari Oshima), but it's still quite entertaining. The film combines espionage and commando-like action(Moon Lee and Yukari Oshima even wear brown camoflouge)in a story that takes place in the Golden Triangle in Southest Asia. Moon(Moon Lee) and Bullet(Yukari Oshima) are two agents who work for the supposedly ficticious Anti-Crime League led by Colonel Carry(Carrie Ng). There's a prolouge where Gary Daniels and Moon Lee are hunting eachother. Why it happens in the film is difficult to explain. Moon and Bullet are sent to spy on a woman named Yie Feng, who runs white slavery, counterfeiting, and drug smuggling rings. Yie Feng plans on selling large amounts of narcotics to a man named Somi and his henchman, Hans. Moon and Bullet recieve assistance from Mr. Ma( of Station 'B', in what I have to assume is Burma). When Mr. Ma is killed and Moon and Bullet's covers are blown, they join Colonel Carry and her troops in an attempt to bring Yie Feng, Somi, and Hans to justice. As with most girls-with-guns actioners, the plots are somewhat sub-standard in quality, the budgets are miniscule, the music scores(assuming it's not stock music) sound like something from a 3M advertisement from the 1970' or 1980's. Yet, where else are we going to see gorgeous women with solid acting skills and amazing athletic abilities kicking #@$? Usually, not in Hollywood. I, personally, enjoyed the film despite its shortcomings. This film probably isn't the best from the girls-with-guns genre, but it's worth a look

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